IMG_7582Skydancer Aviation specializes in finding, refurbishing, and managing quality General Aviation Aircraft for ourselves and our clients. We have a 5,400 square foot hangar at the Reno Stead airport where we enjoy the Reno Air Races with our friends and guests.


Click on the picture for more Information on the T-6 Racing association.

We are proud sponsors of the T-6 Racing Association. The hangar is often referred to as “The T-6 Clubhouse”. 

We have been very successful in the sales arena and are proud of our excellent record of satisfied sellers and buyers.

Our staff has ATP-MEL, Commercial SEL, IFR, A&P, A&I, Avionics and other licenses to meet your needs.

Jerry@SkyDancerAviation.com or call us at 310-990-6482.



We are posting videos on the Skydancer Aviation, LLC You Tube channel.

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